Spriggan the movie

At the top of the world, the ancient artifact known as NOAH’S ARK has been uncovered.
Buried and forgotten since before the birth of history, it holds the potential to elevate its holder to the status of a god… or to wipe mankind from the face of the Earth in a second! Now a desperate battle erupts across the planet as two secret organizations race to recover the lost artifact; one seeking to destroy it, the other to enslave the human race! Monstrous half-human cyborgs face off against Earth’s ultimate defenders, the secret organization known as ARCAM and their elite agents, the Spriggan, in an epic duel with the future of our species as the prize!
From the ends of the Earth to the end of the planet itself, SPRIGGAN is the ultimate action adventure, a breathtaking tour de force of hyperkinetic storytelling
and spectacular animation!
“…an over-the-top, amazing film, full of arguably the most gorgeous animation ever created from Japan, which manifests itself in the battles and action sequences that serve as the focal point in what can only be called “Action Incarnate.” Anime On DVD

From the ends of the Earth, to the End of our planet itself…
The fate of Mankind rests on one Man!

“… a mixture of visionary sci-fi and cyborg heroics framed
as an Indiana Jones-style adventure.” – Tony Rayns, London Film Festival

“The action sequences are some of the most thoroughly ass-kicking action sequences
I have EVER seen in anime, or anywhere else, for that matter.” – Ain’t It Cool News

“A compelling mix of Raiders of the Lost Ark and James Bond adventure.” Andy Jones, E! Online

“Spriggan rocks the anime house and challenges the senses at every turn. SUPER COOL!” Andy Jones, E! Online

“An animated Bond film! Some amazing images.” Mike Mallory, Variety

“IMPRESSED! Great pacing and imagination!” Todd French, Cinefantastique